Senior Deputy District Attorney



Superior Court Judge
Orange County
SEAT #35


A Message From Whitney

For the past 17 years, it has been an honor to serve and protect the public as a Deputy District Attorney prosecuting child molesters, murderers, rapists, domestic violence offenders, gang crimes and elder abusers.  Working with law enforcement, forensic scientists, families, and survivors, I have conducted 89 jury trials and put behind bars some of society's most dangerous criminals who target women and children. 

Every day I go to work recognizing the serious responsibility I have speaking up for victims of crime and in deciding when to pursue a case.  I have the deepest respect for our justice system and for the people of Orange County.  As your Superior Court Judge, I will ensure that every individual who walks into the courtroom has access to a fair and independent trial - and that every party is heard. 

The public's access and confidence in the justice system is a top priority.  My even temperament, ability to listen, understanding of the law, and hands on experience with jury trials will be an asset to becoming a successful judge.  I am grateful for the trust already placed in me by sitting Superior Court Judges, Veterans, public safety leaders, prosecutors, defense attorneys, civil attorneys, consumer protection attorneys, court workers, and community leaders from across Orange County joining me in a commitment to judicial independence. 


Whitney Bokosky